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History of Eterna

Porsche Design and Eterna

In 1983, Porsche was using TAG-branded engines in their Formula One effort, and by 1987, Eterna was sponsoring the Porsche prototype racing team. In 1991, Vienna-based Motochron launched watches specifically inspired by (and named for) Porsche speedometers, though without the Porsche name. Clearly, Porsche was signaling an end to their exclusive relationship with IWC.

In September 1995, Porsche Design purchased the Swiss watch manufacturer Eterna in Grenchen through subsidiary, F.A.P. Beteiligungen GmbH for a reported CHF 25 million. The next year, Porsche Design and IWC announced the termination of their long-standing relationship as of March 1988. Porsche had been considering other Swiss brands, reportedly placing an unsuccessful bid for Vacheron Constantin as well.

The first Eterna products carried just the Porsche Design name. The first model for 1998 featured a silver titanium case, with a scalloped bezel and convex rectangular-link bracelet reminiscent of the IWC models but more modern. A black-coated titanium chronograph with the same scalloped bezel followed in 1999, retaining the Valjoux 7750 movement of the original. Quartz chronographs in titanium, aluminum, and rubber followed in 2000.

Porsche Design celebrated the original P'6530 "Titan" chronograph in 2010 with a limited edition of 911 re-creations. The company also launched the P'6780 Diver that year, water resistant to 1,000 meters and only the brand's second dive watch.

Eterna was purchased by China Haidan in 2012, along with the Porsche Design license.

Notable Models

Birks Department store in Canada often branded Eterna watches.

DD Eterna

Eterna Big Pilot 40mm

Eterna Centenaire

Eterna KonTiki