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The Grail Watch: A Definition

Holy grail.png

It is the ultimate gap that needs filling. Unobtanium, Rocking-horse poo, and every other missing element in the solar system combined. The one watch you need - the one you crave more than any other. The one that will complete your collection, complete your life. It is the one you will sell a kidney or a first-born for, the one that makes you weak at the knees just gazing at photos of it. It's the one that makes you green with envy when another collector posts about adding it to their collection. The one you lose sleep about, the one you dream about.


(Luckily it's not the same for each collector so we all have a chance, however long the odds).

Samples of grails might be a simple as a birth year Omega Speedmaster, as expensive as Paul Newman Daytona, as rare as Submariner like James Bond's as mythic as Buzz's missing Speedy or any other difficult-to-find gap in a collection.


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