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Richard, I am contacting you to inform you that your work on The Chronopedia Club was corrupted on the Bulova Accutron Astronaut page, primarily with your section on "Genesis 1962 - The Astronaut" by a user that joined here under the name "bobbee" who's real name is Robert Butler, your original work there was accurate and correct, but "bobbee" replace your work with some nonsense about that watch having "cathedral hands" which is made up nonsense, I tried to restore your work the best that I could and update the section on "Development of the Astronaut" with the most up to date information known to date, Mr Butler has an axe to grind with myBulova over him once being a panel member there who was attacking any members there who disagreed with him about watches submitted there, the owner of myBulova removed Mr Butler as a panel member and banned him for life from the site after his attack on the 1962 Accutron Astronaut you referenced in your section on "Genesis 1962 - The Astronaut", it is my suggestion that "bobbee" Mr Butler should be banned from this site and if possable that page should be locked now or if you deside to restore your original work there as it was accurate the way it was, Mr Butler will most certainly return and corruped the information again with false information...