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Richard Phillips

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Founder of Chronopedia Club, the online resource for watch collectors.

It was a Speedy that started all this - a 1969 Speedmaster Professional with stepped tritium dial and Cal 861 manual wind movement, owned and worn with pride. Its been on my wrist at important times - my marriage, at the birth of my daughter, the start of of my company and every other significant moment in between. It is the 'keeper'. A family heirloom, passed down to the next generation.

And before that, the Seamaster 200, the pre-Bond as it is now known, bought new and worn daily for years. The first 'proper watch' purchased with the first pay cheque from the first proper job - and still in the collection, recently deservedly restored to its former glory after giving sterling service. SM200 was followed by the Seamaster 300 - the Bond watch. Worn on holidays and weekend breaks. A robust chunk of metal that withstood some knocks and shocks working on cars and playing sport. Then the Omega 50th anniversary SM300 GMT landed - for all those red-eye NY-London flights. Suddenly I had, by accident, a collection. Then I started noticing older watches...

The watch bug finally took hold and the vintage collection began to grow. Omegas. Zeniths. Zodiacs. Wyler and Nivada ( particular favourites of the author). Divers watches. Chronographs. Square watches. Military models. Electronic ones. Alarm ones. GMTs. The desire is still there but now joined by a wish to share knowledge with others. And so Chronopedia was born.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have done putting it together. Thanks for visiting.

Best wishes