Enicar Sherpa Diver 600

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Enicar Sherpa Diver 600

The US Navy evaluated two Sherpa dive watches in 1958, The Sherpa Seapearl 600, and the Sherpa Diver 600, which had a rotating bezel first introduced in dive watches by Blancpain in 1953. It did not include the Sherpa Seapearl 600 in final consideration as it did not have a rotating bezel. The version tested was automatic.


The 1958 model Diver 600 is 36mm diameter and has a Caliber AR1034 movement. The 0/60 marker on the bezel is narrow, and there are large dots at 15,30,45 and 60 (two dots) on the bezel. The hands have a broad lume applied. This and other early models did not have the red rotating ring between the crystal and bezel, which was added later.


1959 Diver 600 does not have the word automatic on the dial, although some models did. It has an AR1034 movement. The red ring between the crystal and the rotating bezel is still not present. The bezel has a broader red marker at the 0/60 point, and the large dots have been removed. The lumes on the hands are now narrower, perhaps in reaction to the liberal use of radium in the earlier model. Diver models do not have 30 marked on the rotating bezel.


Enicar diver 600 white dial with red bezel insert

Red bezel ring appears and a white dial version is available.


Enicar logo on dial changes with name beneath Saturn, but has the same style hands with thin lumes, but features Automatic on the dial.

Notable Models


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