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Aquastar is a Swiss watch brand focused on watches for diving and sailing. Founded in 1962 by Frédéric Robert, a watch designer, scuba diver and sailor, from 1963 onwards the company formally operated as Aquastar S.A. as the successor of the brand JeanRichard. In 1963 the name of the company JeanRichard S.A. changed to Aquastar S.A.


Robert worked with the company JeanRichard in the development of the model 60, which started in the late 1950s. Jean Richard filed a patent for a dive watch in 1958 and launched it as the Aquastar 60. The watch was retailed under different brand names[clarification needed]. The watch was only available for only four years. It was followed by the 63 with its internal rotating bezel.

Aquastar SA was registered in November 1962 by Frédéric Robert, a longtime scuba diver. The company focused on creating watches for scuba divers and later started production of regatta watches. Aquastar started production of the Aquastar model, which was a successful model in the 1960s. Using the patent of its parent company, JeanRichard and Aquastar launched Aquastar Regate, the first yacht timer wrist watch. Robert stayed with the company until 1970 and joined Omega as an advisor. Aquastar continued their watch production until the 1980s and 1990s.

The Dive Years

During 1960s and 1970s, Aquastar was the only Swiss company dedicated to making dive watches. The brand continued to evolve during the 1970’s and delivered a number of models like the Atoll, the Seatime and the iconic Benthos 500.

Robert left the company and joined Omega as an advisor and helped the company in creating the Omega Flightmaster and the Omega Ploprof. Aquastar continued to develop models in line with previous ones, and launched the Benthos 1000 and the regatta watch with the Newport Regatta. In October 1982 the company switched hands again and was bought by Seinet brothers.

Notable Models