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The Chronopedia Club

Omega sm300 diver.jpg

The Chronopedia Club was started by Richard Phillips in March 2020. The world had become a strange place, closed to all. A virus had swept the world and left almost everyone in not-so-splendid isolation. It was at this moment Richard decided to bring the world of watch collectors a little closer together. As he sat at home, working on his laptop and sharing some enjoyment with others by chatting on watch forums, he wondered if a central resource, a WikiPedia for Watches, would appeal to other like-minded individuals. The rest is history...

If you would like to contact us directly then please mail and a real human being will respond is due course.

Enjoy those watches!

PS This photo shows a sponge washed up on the beach after a tornado on Easter Monday 2020 in South Carolina. Richard put his trusty Omega SM300 in the pic.