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Zodiac Aeronaut and Aerospace GMT

Standard 3-hander watch with additional 24hr hand which rotates once every 24 hours around dial. Combined with rotating uni-directional 24hr bezel it offered a GMT-setting option. It was first seen around 1962. The calibre 75 had a 24-hour function and was used in the GMT. Some GMT models had a 24 hour movement marked 70-72. Later GMT watches used the calibre 75B with a quickset date function which involved pushing the crown, a counter-intuitive move.

Note all GMT cases have chamfered bezels which distinguish them from otherwise identical Seawolf cases 

There are many versions of the GMT. Ref: 925

Version I - The Aeronaut Style 1762

V1 Aeronaut GMT showing chamfered lugs
  • Ref 752.925 and 752.925LO (solid gold bezel version)
  • Cal: Zodiac 75
  • 2 dial colours - black and white
  • plated brass bezel, single colour with green triangle to top
  • thin hands with red tipped 24hr hand
  • trapezoid date window

Version 2a -First Aerospace GMT 1762

  • Ref 752.925
  • Cal: Zodiac 75
  • 2 dial colours - black and white
  • 3 dial versions i)rectangular ii) double markers iii) thick markers
  • plated or plated and split-painted bezel, with green triangle to top
  • thin hands with red tipped 24hr hand for versions i) and ii) above.
  • thick hands with dial version iii.

Version 2b -Gold Bezel Aerospace GMT 1780 and 1779

  • Ref 752.925 LO
  • Cal: Zodiac 75
  • 2 dial colours - black and white
  • solid gold bezel
Pepsi bezel

Version 3 - Bezel Colour Variations 1870

  • Ref 752.934, 752.834 and 752.984
  • Cal: Zodiac 75 or 75B
  • 2 dial colours - black and white with thick square markers
  • thick square hands with pencil second hand or squared-lume end
  • Multiple bezel colour variations including Pepsi and Coke-pink style, maroon, black and green, black and blue. black and grey etc. Unidirectional friction or spring-loaded
  • Bezels are plastic insert, metal grooved edge bezel - NOT bakelite as often described.
  • there is a rare Arabic dial and bezel version

WorldTime Version 752-934B

A rare World timer bezel and unique dial on GMT base. See here for more about this model.

Zodiac gmt quartz.jpg

Version 4 - The Quartz Models

  • Released in the 1990s.
  • Ref 806 (man) and 813 (woman)
  • Pepsi bezel (red and blue), Root beer (brown and gold) and gold on black
  • Quartz movement with date
  • Dial with white or gold print

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