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Zodiac SeaWolf

The first diver’s watch with a rotating bezel?

First seen circa 1957-58 and not 1953 as reported elsewhere on the web. A rival to the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. However, the Zodiac was rated at 10 atmospheres (339 feet) and was more highly rated than the Blancpain 50 fathoms (300 feet). The first few issued were given the model number 691.

Automatic References

  • 691
  • 699
  • 702.916
  • 712.916
  • 722.916
  • 732.916
  • 402.916 (ladies version)
  • 702.946
  • 722.946
  • 722.966
  • 762.966
  • 722.906
  • 472.346 (ladies version)
  • 692.843 - Chronograph
  • 862.952
  • 1192.412
  • 1192.414
  • 1192.737
  • 86404

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Note suffix LO indicates solid gold bezel

First Series Seawolf

Version 1 - 691 - CountDown Bezel

Seawolf 699.jpg
  • Movt:Zodiac 1361
  • Casenumber: 691
  • Dial colours black and white

First issue models are very rare now. The 1953 to circa 1955 issues did not have SeaWolf on the dial had an external bidirectional steel bezel. This is signed 10 Atm (339 feet) below the Zodiac logo, and name Zodiac, but has a plain screw-down case back.

Version 1a - 699 - CountDown Bezel

  • Movt:Zodiac 1624 and others
  • Casenumber: 699
  • Dial colours black and white

Early versions have the dial with numerals at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 with fluted indices elsewhere. The numerals have been inked over. The bezel is elapsed time basis, with numerals at 45, 30 and 15. The hands are broad lumed Dauphine shape with no centre line. The serial numbers of metal bezel models generally run from 122xxxx to 192xxxx The case back is engraved “ZODIAC SEAWOLF WATER – TESTED 10 ATM ESPECIALLY” along with the Zodiac emblem. Zodiac used A. Schild movements and the 17 jewel AS1624 was used by Zodiac and Ernest Borel. Snap on backs seen now rather than screwed.

Version 1b - 699 - Numbered Triangles

SeaWolf 699 on original bracelet circa 1963
Zodiac 699 v2.png
  • Movt:Zodiac 1624. 70 and 71
  • Casenumber: 699
  • Dial colours black and white

A later model 699 had the count down bezel but the dial now had triangular indices at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock with applied numerals inserted into the lume.

The early Zodiac movement (AS1624 without hacking) predated the calibre 70-72 movement. The AS calibre 1624 was developed in the early 1950s, and runs at 18,000 bph with a running reserve of 42 hours. Zodiac, in conjunction with Doxa, Eberhard, Favre-Leuba, and Girard-Perregaux, later refined AS base calibres to produce the Zodiac calibre 70-72 used in subsequent model Zodiac Sea Wolf.

Version 1c 699 - 30-only Bezel

Swawolf ad.jpg

The uni-directional bezel from the mid to late 50’s is much more common with the numeral 30 only appearing. The bezel was still plated brass. The watch retained the previous dial, still with broad-lumed dauphine hands. The dial below still reads “SWISS” below 6 o’clock indicating radium usage. The 699 model designation continued but the caseback fitting changed from a screw back.

A press-fit caseback was fitted initially wkith a rating of 10 atmospheres, later becoming 20 atmospheres. The 10 ATM case back was engraved on the flat, while the 20 ATM casebook was engraved on the slope.

Version 2a - 702

  • Movt: 70-72
  • Casenumber: 702-916 non-date
  • 722-916 for date.

At some point in 1961 the calibre 70-72 17 jewel movement was introduced and the inside back case was engraved 702-916.

Version 2b 1962 onwards


The first model of the 702-916 had no date and had dauphine hands with broad lumes. The lume material was prone to falling out, and the hands were changed to have a central spine in future models. History will show this was not a complete success as many models now have lost their lume over the years. The radium was also replaced on the dials by tritium, shown by the Ts by Swiss.

Version 2c Datographic


In the early 1960s the Zodiac acquired a date complication, and the Sea Wolf Datographic was launched. The model number inside the back case was 722-916. The signed 17 jewel Zodiac calibre 70-72 automatic movement was introduced in 1962. The movement is hackset, and the calendar function is quickset requiring the crown to be depressed fully. It also prone to breaking thereby disabling the watch which continues to run but no hand movement. A broad lume triangle also featured at 0 on the bezel.

Version 3 - 1750 Coloured Bezels

  • Refs:
  • 1750W (white or cream)
  • 1750B (sky-blue)
  • 1763 (gold)
  • Casenumber: 722-946
  • Movt:72B movement with date, 72 without.
  • The serial numbers of these bezel models generally run from 192xxxx.

Version 4 - Orange Chapter Ring



  • 1781/B
  • 1781/W
  • Casenumber: 722-946
  • Movt:72B movement

The next model also used the 72B movement, and carried 722-946 on the inside case back, which otherwise was identical to the 722-926. This had an orange chapter ring, and came in black dial with rectangular indices, with no numerals. The date window was framed in orange. The hour hand was white with 2 lumes, and the minute hand was orange with one lume.

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Credits - Collecting Vintage Zodiac Watches by Yuriy Vakulenko