Hamilton W10

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Hamilton W10

By the 1970s the UK military was back under some financial pressure, not least due to the ailing British economy of the day. Smiths watch production was nearing the end of its days, and a new company, Hamilton began producing the W10 that was to succeed the Smiths version, and was issued from 1973 to 1976. This watch was manual winding with a Hamilton calibre 649 movement, which was a rebadged ETA 2750 movement, again with hack seconds, and in a suitably 1970s tonneau shaped case. The case was also of a monocoque design, which increased water resistance, and the movement could only be accessed by removing the glass.

Hamilton Production Numbers

  • 1971 0552/about 100 to 150 issued
  • 1973 W10/ about 25,000 issued
  • 1974 6bb/ about 7,000 issued
  • 1975 6BB/ about 1,500 issued
  • 1975 W10/ about 2,000 issued
  • 1976 W10/ about 1,000 issued

Hamilton Geneve Production Numbers

  • 1974 6bb/ about 3,700 issued
  • 1975 6BB/ about 700 issued
  • 1975 0552/ about 400 issued

W10 Models