The Mudu and The Breitling and George Martin

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Beatles producer George Martin wearing a Mudu

The Mudu and The Breitling and George Martin

Beatles producer George Martin was something or a sartorial icon or sore thumb depending on your 1960s position. He certainly liked watches and is seen wearing a Mudu, a very left-field somewhat dodgy choice given their unusual slightly criminal backstory in the UK at that time. See MuDu for the strange tale behind this brand.

George Martin wearing a Breitling TopTime

His choice of Breitling TopTime certainly was a bit more correct and would find favour today with most watch collectors, given the Bond connection too. Its a classic model and he seems to have had several as there are pjhotos of him wearing a steel and gold version.

And he did help create some of the greatest music of all time...whilst wearing something cool on his wrist. So for that we are eternally grateful.