Hamilton GG-W-113

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Hamilton GG-W-113

1987 Thin Font and 1982 Thick Font
  • Size: 34mm x 18mm
  • Movement: 17 Jewel ETA 2750 (Hamilton Cal 649)
  • Lug Width 17.6mm
  • Year: 1967 - 1986
  • Depth Rating: 30M
Ref Number to case rear 39986 for all Hamilton Models


GG-W-113 was a spec released in 1967 and was issued concurrently for many years. The differentiation was that it featured exclusively a 17-jewel, manual-wind and hacking movement and a “sterile” dial for legibility. These watches were meant for issue to pilots and were produced by Benrus, Hamilton, Marathon, and Altus. They produced between 1967 and the late 1980’s, when quartz movements began to gain popularity and start replacing mechanical models. They were utilized most prominently in the Vietnam War, but may also have been deployed in conflicts within the Persian Gulf and other middle eastern theatres.


  • Screwback appeared circa 1984
  • Two distinct font sizes on dial - early ones have thick, later models a thin font.
  • Pre 84 are single case front-loading models.
  • Last models seem circa 1987
  • All models hack - eg second hand stops when crown is pulled out
  • Cases often Parkerised - see example of 1982 model in picture