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History of Dacor

Dacor was one of the five early American divers equipment makers, which included US Divers Co., SwimMaster, Healthways, and Voit. These companies paved the ways for American military divers like the US Navy frogman seals, Under Water Demolition Team (UDT) today. While US Divers Co. operated in California, Dacor was established in Evanston, Illinois by Sam Davison in 1954. Dacor was later merge with MARE.

As one of the pioneering American recreational sports diving equipment manufacturers, DACOR is a familiar name to the generation of divers who entered the sport during the Sea Hunt years. Founded by Sam Davison Jr. in Illinois in 1954, DACOR produced a series of two hose regulators that are now collector’s items.

They bought in other companies movements, dials and cases and branded them as their own, most famously (as they were predominantly a Dive watch company) their affiliation with Blancpain, using their cases, movements and dials in the Dacor Bathyscaphe.

Although relatively unknown when new they were premium quality Swiss watches and although they sold very small numbers compared to the big manufactures like Breitling, Omega and Rolex the quality was equally as good.

The Dacor Divers Watch 600 feet Stainless Steel is the watch model worn by Mike Hynson in the 1966 classic The Endless Summer.

Titus also made co-branded Calypsomatic models for Dacor but they are not gilt and have mercedes hands.

Notable Models