CWC G10 navigator

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CWC G10 navigator

CWC quartz G10 Nav's with the date window were issued in both lume (6645-99-5417362) and non lume (6645-99-5417363) (for use on nuclear subs). The CWC Navigator is a well-built accurate and reliable watch, which used a new style of case shared with the first generation Quartz General Service Wrist Watches. It was issued between 1980 and 1982 and could be used by all three services.

The 6BB prefix was not used, the MOD electing for a non-dedicated service NSN of 6645-99-541-7362. It is estimated that 800 to 1200 of these first generation Quartz navigators’ watches were made. It would have definitely been a more economical solution to MOD’s replacement for the IWC Mk XI and JLC Mk XI Navigator watches.

Lume examples have been seen in 80, 81, 82, & 96 without prefix and 94 & 97 with the RM 0555 prefix.

Non lume 80, 81, 96 and possibly 90.

1980 CWC Quartz Navigators’ Watch with Date